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The members of the Building Restoration Contractors Association (BRCA) preserve the history, value and appearance of New York City’s residential, commercial and landmark buildings and structures.

Our member contractors are industry leaders, renowned for their consistent craftsmanship, reliability, innovative applications and highly skilled tradespeople.

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Our members represent the essential resource for restoring building facades, including masonry restoration, maintenance, and waterproofing, among other skilled and unique services.

BRCA Expertise

Building restoration and maintenance involves highly complex processes. It is vital to hire a highly qualified contractor with the knowledge, training and certifications to perform work on your most valuable real estate asset.

BCRA member contractors go beyond the rigorous standards to assure New York’s facades and most precious landmarks continue to withstand the test of time.


Through meticulous, science-based processes, BRCA contractors provide the necessary information to plan and execute building exterior repair and restoration with long-lasting solutions.

BRCA member contractors thoroughly investigate the integrity of a building’s exterior through probing, testing and physical inspections— identify and locating building failures and potential defects, and recommending appropriate solutions.


BRCA member companies have maintained a reputation for delivering unparalleled performance and quality-assurance.  Our Members perform at the top of the field of building restoration through dedication to quality and attention to detail on the rig, in the shed and at the office.  We adhere to the rigorous regulations set forth by Federal, State and local governments and our Association is kept abreast of the latest updates to laws and regulations, by our legal team.


Safety is at the forefront of every building restoration project. Our members of the Building Restoration Contractors Association are steadfastly committed to the safety of our workforce and our community.

BRCA contractors employees complete safety training including: New York City Suspending Scaffold Course (Department of Buildings), Stationery Scaffold User Course, 30 Hour OSHA Certification Course, ongoing safety and technicaltraining courses.


BRCA member contractors employ a fully licensed team including those with Special Rigger Licenses issued by the New York City Department of Buildings. BRCA contractors are highly skilled in rigging operations, and adept in the rules and regulations governing hoisting and rigging, safety measures, and accident prevention.


BRCA members offer unparalleled experience and expertise, using the latest state–of–the-art restoration technologies in all types of masonry restoration including historic landmarks. Our member contractors utilize the finest craftsmanship with a commitment to accurately restoring all types of structural facades using all types of materials including brick, stone, stucco, tile, terra cotta, terrazzo and concrete.


BRCA members are union contractors and employ Local Union No. 1 Pointers Cleaners & Caulkers tradespeople. We work closely with the Union’s training center in Long Island City, to ensure that the latest skill and safety training is offered to apprentices, as well as continuing education for journeypersons, through the school’s hands-on workshops and classroom courses.

Build Your Pathway to an Excellent Career

BRCA contractor members hire union workers who have completed an apprenticeship at Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 1, NY. These trades professionals represent the best in the masonry industry.

Offering a rewarding and fulfilling career path, BAC Local 1 has apprenticeship programs available dedicated to the craft of bricklaying, stone setting, stone tending, masonry restoration and plastering.

Visit BAC Local 1’s website or call them at 718-392-0525 to jumpstart your career.


The BRCA Advantage

Outstanding Quality and Skill in Building Restoration

BRCA contractors employ Local Union No. 1 Pointers, Cleaners & Caulkers. You’re assured quality with a pool of highly motivated, skilled craft workers who have undergone Local 1’s comprehensive training and met its stringent standards.

In partnership with the Union, BRCA supports the training school to ensure its workforce receives continuous education and training and maintains all safety certifications and specialty licenses, including but not limited to special riggers, master riggers. BRCA’s member companies receive up-to-date information regarding changing laws and regulations to ensure compliance with all safety, insurance requirements, and federal, state and local laws. BRCA contractors comply with NYC Buildings Department’s regulations and offer a consistent source for excellence.

BRCA contractors bring quality craftsmanship, safety and value to maintain the masonry facades of New York City’s buildings.

Safety is Our Priority

Safety is ingrained in all of the BRCA. Our members’ primary responsibility is to protect workers, clients, and our communities. We reinforce this commitment by providing access to continuing education and training programs that develop the framework for a safer and more efficient workforce.

Contractors and their employees of all levels actively engage in the rigorous compliance standards of our industry and constantly improve project performance utilizing industry-leading safety practices.

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