BRCA Contractors Are Qualified

Building exterior restoration and maintenance is a highly complex process. It is vital to ensure you’re hiring a contractor who has the knowledge, training and certifications to perform work on your valuable real estate asset(s). All BCRA contractors meet the below stringent standards to assure a job well done.


Obtain each bidder’s “Special Rigger” license number. Call the Department of Buildings or visit their website at to confirm the bidder’s license remains in good standing, to determine whether complaints have been filed against the bidder and to ensure the name on the license is correct. All BRCA member contractors have obtained the Special Rigger License issued by the New York City Department of Buildings requiring the passing of a licensing test and proof of workers’ compensation and general liability insurances. This ensures that the building owner, the management company and their insurance companies will not bear more than their share of compensation for those who may be injured on the job.


Ask to meet the bidder’s project manager for your project and demand a copy of his credentials, including work history. BCRA contractors employ qualified, experienced project managers with credentials.


Check to confirm that the contractor is a union contractor with Bricklayers Local Union 1. Some contractors may maintain agreements with other unions that have no expertise or training programs in exterior restoration. BCRA members are all union contractors with Bricklayers Local Union 1.


Require that the bidder make a written representation that all employees performing work on scaffolding have passed the New York City scaffold safety course. All BRCA member contractors have passed the New York City scaffold safety course. They also meet our stringent safety standards and are continuously educated on the latest safety regulations and practices.


Demand that the bidder submit proof of their level of general liability insurance at the time of the bid. Verify that the name of the company is the same as the name on the policy. All BCRA members have general liability insurance.


Request the contact information for the general contractors and building management companies for jobs your bidder performed within the last two years. Ask the bidder for the location of the job, the scope of the work performed and the dollar volume on the job; and call the references. BCRA members will gladly provide references and have proven track records of successful building restoration work.