Safety is at the Forefront of Every Building Restoration Project

The members of the Building Restoration Contractors Association are steadfastly committed to the safety of our workforce as well as our community. All our contractors employ tradespeople who are Union Members of Local 1. We work closely with the Union’s apprentice training center in Long Island City, to ensure that the latest safety training is offered to students at the school in hands-on workshops and classroom courses.

Safety courses that all NCRA contractors (and their employees) complete include: New York City Suspending Scaffold Course (Department of Buildings), Stationery Scaffold User Course, 10 Hour OSHA Certification Course, Ongoing Apprentice Training Courses.

State-of-the-Art Restoration Technologies

Our members offer unparalleled experience and expertise, using the latest restoration technologies in all types of masonry restoration, including historic landmarks. Our member contractors utilize the finest craftsmanship with a commitment to accurately restoring exterior and interior installation of brick, stone, stucco, tile, terra cotta, terrazzo and concrete.

Rigorously Following Regulations

All our contractors follow State and Federal safety regulations and are abreast of the latest updates to laws and regulations, including COVID-19.

Forensic Investigation - Find the Answers for Your Building Façade Problem

Through meticulous, science-based processes, BRCA contractors provide you with the necessary information to plan and execute building exterior repairs and restoration with long-lasting solutions.

Forensic investigation is the scientific method of gathering, testing, examining and evaluating conditions both current and past to study and evaluate of problematic conditions in a building.

BRCA contractors can thoroughly investigate the integrity of a building’s exterior through probing, testing and physical inspections—allowing you to identify and locate reasons for building failures and potential defects so appropriate solutions can be recommended.